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Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

Bolt On Clevis Hook

You've been asking us for hooks and we listened. Here is the start to our hook offerings. This first Clevis hook is made in our own mod shop by us. It comes with a backing plate for added strength. Grade 8 bolts are also included. The shackle is optional. Main plate and backing plate is 1/4 MS while the Clevis shank is 1/2". Dipped in cold Galvanized that will prevent rusting and it can be painted to the color of your choice if you so do desire.

Check out our 5/16 G7 Grab hooks to go along with this.

Note: Will fit Kubota BX, B and L models but are considered universal so they may fit other makes and models.

PN# H1 Clevis Hook

Price: $53.00 USD Each Clevis Hook,   includes backing plate and all mounting hardware .

Add $7.00 if you want the 1/2" Shackle. Plus Shipping

Email inquiries to: [email protected]

( Canadians email for detailed quote )

Kubota / Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Kubota / Specialty Repairs Custom Mods
Kubota / Specialty Repairs Custom Mods

Complete kit shown, items sold separately.